8-Hour Basic Conduit Bending Workshop


A full hands-on lab with hours of practice bending the most common bends in the field on a hand bender.

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This course is designed to be taken only in the classroom because the course is a full hands-on lab intended to give workers a lot of useful practice in conduit bending. This course will provide the student with proper safety procedures, mathematics, and theory on how to bend the most common bends in the field. From 90-degree stubs, back-to-back 90’s, offsets (working toward and away from an obstacle) 3-point saddles, to 4-point saddles. Concepts such as calculating for shrinkage and gain and more. If you or an employee is rusty in conduit bending and need training on electric power benders, this course will send you back out in the field excited about your next opportunity to bend conduit.