Business Communications – Self-Paced


45-Hour, Non-Trade Related Elective in Business Communications

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This 45-hour course is approved by the State of Maine as a “Non-Trade Related” elective for the Journeyman or Master Electrician license requirements. This course will prepare the students by a thorough study in the following areas:

  1. Communication in the digital age
  2. Professionalism: team, meeting, listening, nonverbal etiquette skills
  3. Intercultural communication
  4. Planning business messages
  5. Organizing and drafting business messages
  6. Revising business messages
  7. Short workplace messages and digital media
  8. Positive messages
  9. Negative messages
  10. Persuasive and sales messages
  11. Reports, proposals and presentations
  12. Informal business reports
  13. Formal business reports
  14. Business presentations
  15. Resumes, cover letters and job search
  16. Interviews

Students will be given access to an online portal for study and progress through the material at their pace.