Electrical Exam Prep Course – VIDEO SERIES


Video Series; Electrical Exam Test Prep for Journeyman, Master, or Limited licenses.


This course will provide you with the confidence needed to navigate your codebook. Regardless of which exam you are taking (Limited, Journeyman, or Master), this course will teach you fundamental concepts about the organization of the NEC and how to QUICKLY locate answers to questions.

This course is NOT a cheat sheet to the top 100 most likely questions to occur on your exam. Instead, it will prepare you to locate answers, regardless of which questions come up on your test. Proven, tested, and tried habits and tips for passing your electrical exam.

Students who do all the assignments have a very high success rate in passing the test the FIRST time.

After you purchase the course (within 24 hours, but often the same day) you will be given a username and password to access the course and begin right away.